2010 Mazda CX-9

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TITLE: Clear Michigan
FUEL TYPE: Gasoline
ACV: 0
TYPE: Sport Utility

DESCRIPTION: 2010 Mazda CX9 AWD. 18,442 actual miles, Michigan Clear/Clean title.

I just purchased a 2012 Mazda CX9 AWD with a Michigan Scrap/Junk title on it. It has 60,323 miles on it, and has all the parts to fix this unit, minus the front bumper cover and right headlamp assembly. Those two items are very readily available used or aftermarket. I am asking $4,500 for the 2012 but would be willing to sell the pair of them for $11,500 dollars. There should be upwards of $3,000 dollars left on the parts vehicle in value afterwards. This vehicle is listed on my site as well stock #16-39

Equipped as follows:

3.7L V6 engine, automatic, air, tilt, cruise. Power steering, brakes, windows, locks, mirrors, sunroof, and dual front seats. Dual front heated seats, leather seating, with a third row seat. Rear wiper/defogger, alloy rims. and am fm cd stereo, Security system, keyless entry, loaded.

Condition as follows:

This vehicle took a hit high to the middle front. The truck pretty much needs a complete peel off front clip, including the coolers, cooling fan, air cleaner lower box, and middle radiator support. Both of the front fenders have some damage on them but could be repaired. Both of the front fender trim flairs, and plastic inner fender wells are all good. When I originally purchased this truck the right side motor mount was broken. I replaced it with a factory new one, and had it professionally installed. The front lower manifold O 2 sensor is broken. Also broken is the oil dip stick head, the plastic PCV pop in tube connector (top of the front valve cover), and a small electric motor that has two rubber vacuum hoses going to it. This is located in the upper left cowl area. The last thing that I have found damaged is the plastic heater box housing, right behind the glove box door. I believe when the motor went back, it must of touched the front of the body, and the impact broke the housing. I cannot see any damage to the front cowl, or body behind the engine. Even the windshield did not get broken. All of the door gaps are perfect, and no buckles in the roof. All of the front structure looks to be fine. The wheels are perfect in their pockets, the engine runs great and the unit lot drives. From the doors back the issues are all very minor, and livable as follows. There is a very hard to see 1 1/2 inch tiny crease in the upper left rear door. A tiny livable outward ding in the rear bumper cover just to the inside of the left side reflector. One very hard to see ding in the upper right side of the rear trunk/hatch. The front edge of the middle lower right rear door has a 4 inch crease in it, and about 4 inches below that, there is one tiny ding. Lastly one very tiny ding in the middle front of the right front door, and a paint chip on the upper front edge of that door as well. Some chips on the lower front edge of the right front windshield post, where it meets up to the fender (brush touch up). All of the above described dings/creases are very minor, livable, and are not accident related. The interior is like new except for the following issues. Just the steering wheel, drivers air bag is bad. The lower drivers front door panel has a rub mark in it from a shoe hitting it, from the previous driver. Lastly there is a small piece of the lower front passenger side center console trim cover broken off. This is because when the heater box let loose (as described above, a piece of it hit this plastic trim cover and broke it. I actually still have that broken piece and it could very easily be glued back on. The rest of the dash, interior fits perfect, and is like new. This truck actually is a very easy fix, super clean, loaded, low mileage, and should still have a factory warranty on it.

Call me direct at (586) 336-3658 or email me for additional information. Visit our web site direct at www.autogemsinc.com to view additional repairable vehicles for sale. All trades considered.

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